The Government of Alberta, through the Apprenticeship and Industry Training sector of Alberta Advanced Education, provides counselling, consulting and monitoring support to facilitate the development, maintenance and delivery of designated trade and occupation training programs that:

  • contribute to the development of a trained and skilled workforce to support the economic progress of the province and its competitive role in the global market, and
  • are current and respond to technological advancements and workplace needs.

The Apprenticeship and Industry Training sector is led by two Executive Directors.

The Executive Director, Operations & Client Connections is responsible for:

  • 12 field offices delivering services to the apprenticeship and industry training system,
  • Assessment, Certification and Examination Services (ACES)
    • provides assessment services for AIT programs: Apprenticeship Program, Trades Qualifier Certificate Program, Occupation Certificate Program and the Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program,
    • finalizes apprenticeship classes and examinations,
    • ensures the credential requirements for the certification of persons in designated trades and occupations are met,
    • issues trade and occupational certificates, and
    • provides advice to the Executive Director, Operations & Client Connections regarding the needs of the Alberta labour market for skilled Canadian and international workers.
  • Business Integration 
    • provides business leadership in the coordination and integration of a wide range of information and technology activities related to business within the sector.

The Executive Director, Policy & Standards is responsible for:

  • Industry Programs and Standards
    • develops and maintains Alberta’s industry training and certification standards in cooperation with industry representatives,
  • Board and Intergovernmental Connections
    • works with various stakeholders and provides support to the Board, industry committee network, Minister and sector staff, 
  • Strategic Integration Policy
    • integrates, develops, and supports policy-related activities for the Apprenticeship and Student Aid (ASA) division.  The Branch aims to ensure policy activities are well coordinated, reflect balanced perspectives, and are of the highest quality.  The branch strives to ensure divisional and ministry leaders and colleagues are provided with accurate, appropriate and timely information and policy advice, and
  • technical training providers.