Industry Network Tool Box

Thanks for supporting Alberta’s Industry Network!

Below is a list of tools to help you become a more effective member of the Industry Network.
Select the links below to view, download and print documents as pdfs. 

Meeting Tools

Meeting Calendars

All meeting dates are subject to change and all meeting attendance is by invitation only.


Direct access to current and previous minutes of:

For LAC minutes, please contact your committee secretary. 


Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines

Industry Network Policies and Guidelines

Local Apprenticeship Committee Policies and Guidelines

Provincial Apprenticeship Committee Policies and Guidelines

Occupational Committee Policies and Guidelines


Local Apprenticeship Committees

Provincial Apprenticeship Committees

Signed Bylaws

Tools for New Members

Committee Member Handbook

This handbook focuses on your role as a member of the Industry Network.

Please review and refer to the handbook leading up to, and during, committee meetings. It identifies what you need to know and how to effectively prepare for, and participate at, committee meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact your committee secretary or your local field office

New Member Orientations

New Member Application Forms

Reports and Other Supporting Documents