Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system is dependent on the support and involvement of its partners.

  • Individual employers employ and train apprentices, helping them to develop their skills on the job. Employers also contribute equipment and other resources for technical training and participate as members of an industry committee or on the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board.
  • Technical training providers (post-secondary institutions) provide apprentices with access to formal instruction based on course outlines established by industry.
  • The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board reviews recommendations from the network of industry committees and establishes standards and requirements for training and certification in the designated trades or occupations. This group also makes recommendations to government about the designation of trades or occupations and any change in the needs of Alberta’s labour market for skilled and trained workers. For information on joining the Board, see the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Member Fact sheet.
  • Government (Ministry of Advanced Education, Apprenticeship and Industry Training), provides the legislative framework and administrative support for the system.
  • Network of Industry Committees is made up of:
    • Local Apprenticeship Committees (LACs) and Provincial Apprenticeship Committees (PACs) for the designated trades,
    • Occupational Committees (OCs) for the designated occupations and
    • Provisional Committees (PCs) for trades and occupations being considered for designation.
  • This network makes recommendations such as the designation or de-designation of trades and occupations, standards for skills and competencies required for certification in a designated trade or occupation, technical training course outlines for each designated trade, competency profiles for each designated occupation, and the recognition of related training or certification in a designated trade or occupation.