Qualification Certificate Recognized Credential Application - What You Should Know

The Trades Qualifier Program - Recognized Credential is for experienced tradespeople who hold a credential that is recognized by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board and who wish to obtain an Alberta trade certificate. Successful completion of one or more examinations is required.

To obtain a Qualification Certificate through this program you must:

  • complete the online application,
  • pass the theory exam(s) for the trade, and
  • in some trades, pass the practical exam(s) for the trade.

Your application is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date it is approved, during which time you are expected to complete the requirements for certification.


You are eligible to apply for an Alberta trade certificate through this program if you hold a recognized credential that is

  • valid and not expired, and
  • does not have an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal endorsement.

Click to find out if your credential is recognized in Alberta


A theory examination is required in all trades, while some trades also require a practical exam. AIT will schedule your theory exam after your application is approved and you have paid the required fee(s).

If you have had two or more unsuccessful attempts at the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal examination in the trade in which you are applying (in Alberta or any other Canadian province or territory) you must complete upgrading and provide proof of at least 40 hours of upgrading in the trade since your last unsuccessful attempt, before your exam can be scheduled.

Under limited conditions, you may be allowed to use an interpreter or reader during an examination. For more information, contact Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

The pass mark for all exams is 70%.

If you are unable to attend your exam on the scheduled date, you must provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. If you do not attend and have not provided required notice, your application may be cancelled. You are only permitted to reschedule your exam three times.


All fees are in Canadian dollars and are non-refundable.  

The application fee including one attempt at the theory exam(s) is $60.

Practical exam fee(s) vary by trade (Scroll down the page). The theory rewrite fee is $50. If you fail the practical exam and wish to reattempt, you must pay the practical exam fee a second time.

All fees are subject to change. 

Applicant Responsibilities

Applicants in the Trades Qualifier Program – Recognized Credential are responsible for:

• answering questions in the application accurately and honestly, 

• submitting a complete application, including (where required):

  • authentic and sufficient evidence to support your claim of a recognized credential and
  • paying the required fee(s).

• responding to any requests for supplemental information within the required time,

• if required for the trade, completing the competency assessment,

• preparing for and completing all required exam(s) for the trade.

Your application is rejected if:

  • you do not pay a required fee when it is due,
  • you do not provide the correct documentation to be verified, or
  • AIT is unable to verify your trade credential.

Completing Your Recognized Credential Application

Choose a Trade

Choose the trade that you are applying for certification with in this application. The Alberta trade should be the trade that your credential is recognized as being equivalent to. Click to determine if your credential is recognized.

Credential Information

Enter the name of your recognized credential as it appears on the certificate or wallet card. Enter your name as it appears on the credential, the credential number if there is one, and the expiry date, if applicable. From the drop box, select the name of the authority that issued your certificate.

Upload into the system a clear picture or a scanned copy of your trade credential. If your credential is from the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) you must provide a document that clearly shows your military identification number.

Applying as a Internationally Trained Worker?

When completing this section of the application, if you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you are applying as an foreign national worker. As such, you are asked to provide your date of arrival in Alberta. If you have not yet arrived in Alberta, type in 2099/01/01. By providing a future date, AIT will know that you have not yet arrived.

Recruiter or Immigration Service Provider

If you are using a recruiter to apply for the program, you are asked to provide the name of the company you are using. If the name does not appear on the drop down list, email TFWInfo@gov.ab.ca to have the company added to the list.

Personal Information

The name and address you write on your application is the name and address we will use on all correspondence with you. This is also the name that will appear on your trade certificate. If you are applying as a foreign national worker, it is important this name be the same as it appears on your passport.

Aboriginal Status

If you are an Aboriginal person, you have the option to identify your status.

Accommodations for Apprentices

If you have a medical condition (physical, communicational or cognitive/intellectual), you may be eligible for additional services to help you challenge the exams. For more information contact Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

Exam Readers and Translators

If the language you speak, read and write the best in is not English, you may be eligible to have a translator present for your exams. If you wish to use a translator, check the appropriate box.

It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for a translator who meets the requirements and standards set by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. For more information see Translation of Documents and Exams or contact Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

Declaration, Agreement and Consent

Read this section of the application form carefully as you are confirming, acknowledging and agreeing that:

  • the information you have provided in the application and in any documents attached to the application are true and complete,
  • you will notify AIT if any information you provide on your changes,
  • you will notify AIT within seven days of changes to your employment situation in Alberta,
  • if you are a temporary foreign worker, you will provide us with your Alberta mailing address and Alberta employer within seven days of arriving in Alberta,
  • if you make false or misleading statements on your application you could be denied a Qualification Certificate or have a certificate that was already granted to you cancelled or suspended,
  • you are giving AIT permission to verify and/or disclose the personal information on your application form to your current and past employers, and educational institutions you have listed on your application, and
  • AIT may disclose any of the information you provided on your application, the results of any exams you take in the program, the status of your application and your eligibility to work in the trade with governments, boards, agencies and credentialing bodies to verify the information you provided, determine your eligibility to participate in this program and your eligibility to enter or remain in Canada and work in the trade.

If you do not check that you agree, you will be unable to proceed with submitting your application.


The non-refundable application fee is $60.00 CAN. You are asked for your method of payment. You may pay on-line with a credit card or submit your application and make a payment (credit or debit card only) at one of our Apprenticeship and Industry Training offices.