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The Building Trades of Alberta coordinates and promotes the interests of 16 Alberta trade unions whose 75,000 members work in the residential, commercial and industrial construction, maintenance and fabrication industries.
The men and women who comprise the unionized building trades in Alberta are some of the most highly-skilled and safest workers on the planet, as evidenced not only by our productivity and safety records, but by the commitment to education and training. In the past 10 years, Alberta's unionized building trades have invested over half a billion dollars into programs and infrastructure that help ensure our members are on the cutting edge of industry practice. It is this commitment to excellence and our understanding of the value of working in partnership with other industry stakeholders that showcases BTA members as the Skilled Trades Advantage.

Construction Labour Relations - an Alberta Association (CLR-A) is proud to have provided the funding for this scholarship. It is one way that we have chosen to indicate our view of the importance of Alberta Apprenticeship and to recognize apprenticeship as a very important and rewarding form of continuing post-secondary education.
The CLR is a private industry employers' organization representing contractor members in the Alberta unionized construction industry. Our contractor members range from those that have constructed some of the largest industrial projects in the world, to family-run businesses constructing medium to small industrial and commercial projects. Our primary mandate is to represent contractors in labour relations matters, including the negotiation of the terms and conditions of employment with our partner unions. Since its formation in 1970, the CLR has become a major supporter of a variety of other initiatives including such issues as work place safety, training, construction performance, and labour supply and demand forecasting, as well as the promotion of apprenticeship within the construction trades.