What's Inside MyTradesecrets?

MyTradesecrets allows 24 hour access where internet service is provided for clients to access and actively manage their program and personal information, including:

  • update personal information,
  • submit applications for AIT programs and services online,
  • attach required documentation  (certificates, transcripts, etc),
  • make online payments with credit cards,
  • check application statuses,
  • view class schedule and exam marks, and
  • check Record Book updates (apprentices only).

MyTradesecrets Online Applications and Payments

MyTradesecrets Applications enables both the public and existing clients to apply for AIT programs and services online.

MyTradesecrets Payments enables AIT to accept credit card payments online while ensuring AIT meets the Government of Alberta (GOA) directive to implement the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.  This is a set of strict security rules developed by the credit card industry to protect cardholders against credit card fraud and identity theft.

MyTradesecrets Employer Access allows employers online services to view and update certain aspects of their information related to AIT programs.