MyTradesecrets is the newest, most convenient way for apprentices and employers to submit apprenticeship applications online, anytime, anywhere they have internet access.

As you know, if a person wants to be an apprentice, their employer enters into an apprenticeship contract. To do this, a contact designated by the employer must go online and fill out and consent to the same information online that was previously on the paper application.

MTS employer online access has been implemented.

The first phase of MTS Employer Online Access is now complete.

What can employers do with their access in the first phase?

Employer access in the first phase allows the employer's designated contact to provide the same information they provide today on a paper apprenticeship application, online.  Employers also have the ability to pay online for the apprenticeship application, if they choose.

How will employers be notified of an apprenticeship application awaiting their information?

The contact designated by the employer will receive an email informing them an apprenticeship application is pending the addition of their information.  The email will provide a link that redirects them to the online application.

What if the email notification is deleted or misplaced and there is no access to the pending application?

Contact the applicant to ask them to resend the email.  The applicant has the ability to resend the email by accessing their application landing page.

Is MTS Employer online access secure and protected?

Yes, the employer's designated contact must login through a password restricted screen before accessing their apprentice’s in-progress application.  Once the online application has been completed and submitted, only AIT staff will have access to the application.

How can an employer get secure access?

An individual designated by an employer, who has the authority to act on the employer's behalf, will receive an email from Apprenticeship and Industry Training with a hyperlink to the prospective apprentice’s application.  When the employer's designated contact clicks on that link for the first time, they must create a login and password before accessing their prospective apprentice’s in-progress application.  The login and password can then be used to provide information on applications from other apprentices at your company.

What is the step-by-step process for employers to complete their portion of an apprentice’s application online?

The following steps have been created to ensure security and privacy for employers and their new apprentices.

  1. The employer must give the apprentice the email address of the designated contact who has the authority to act on the employer's behalf to: a) recommend credit for any previous work experience the apprentice may have and b) agree to enter into an apprenticeship contract.
  2. When the apprentice has completed their portion of the online application, the employer's designated contact will get an email with a link to that application. Click on that link.
  3. From there, the employer's designated contact is required to create a login and password to access the application.  This same login and password are used for future applications from apprentices at the same company.
  4. Finally, the employer's designated contact completes and submits the online application.

How does an employer grant work experience credit for an apprentice?

Credit for work experience can only be granted when recommended by the applicant’s current employer. 

A current employer may recommend the applicant receive credit for work performed in the trade with their company.  If the applicant has previous work experience in the trade, the current employer may also recommend the applicant be granted time credit for previous work performed in the trade. 

Recommended time must not exceed the actual amount of time the applicant has spent working and preforming tasks in the trade. 

If recommending time credit, the current employer must provide both the months and hours they are recommending to be credited (e.g. 12 months = 1500 hours) for each employer listed.  If the applicant has previous experience in the trade, but the current employer does not wish to grant time credit for the previous work, the time entered will be 0 months and 0 hours.