Alternate Pathways to Certification

What are my options if my technical training program is temporarily suspended?

If technical training for an apprenticeship program is temporarily suspended, apprentices have a few options to advance in their program and receive trade certification. 


1) Challenge Examination (Journeyperson Certificate)

Apprentices may be able to challenge a period examination through the prior learning assessment process to earn certification in their trade.

Challenge Examination – through a prior learning assessment


Why is my technical training being suspended or consolidated to one institution?

No two apprenticeship programs are the same, as each one depends on industry demand. Since the start of the economic downturn in 2015, apprentices have been hit hard by layoffs and weakening job prospects. With fewer job opportunities, enrollment in technical training has declined in many apprenticeship programs across the province, with several programs operating below sustainable levels

When demand is consistently low, the technical training component of an apprenticeship program may be consolidated to a single post-secondary institution or suspended across the entire province. Apprenticeship and Industry Training constantly monitors demand for technical training programs at post-secondary institutions and, if possible, adjusts seat allocations to match industry demand.

How long is my technical training going to be suspended for?

All technical training suspensions are considered temporary and will continue to be monitored by Apprenticeship and Industry Training. Technical training could be re-instated if demand returns to a sustainable level. If so, apprentices will be notified.

Is financial assistance available if I have to move to attend technical training?

Many apprentices throughout Alberta often have to move to a short-term residence to attend technical training. There are several financial options available to apprentices to help offset the cost of living away from home, such as employment insurance, grants, scholarships and loans (provincial and federal). More information about financial assistance is available here.

Where can I find additional resources to help me prepare to challenge my exams?

The course outline and exam counseling sheets for each apprenticeship program are available through the Trades & Occupations List on the Tradesecrets website.