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The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum has launched the Apprentices in Canada ePanel. This nation-wide panel, designed as a short survey, allows apprentices and journeypersons the opportunity to help shape the future of apprenticeship across Canada.

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What is the Apprentices in Canada ePanel?

The Apprentices in Canada ePanel is organized by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, which is a national, non-profit organization. Apprentices and journeypersons are being asked to participate in 5 to 10-minute surveys a few times per year to provide feedback on topics such as on-the-job training, technology, finding an employer sponsor, wages and certification.

Those who participate have a chance to win prizes and help future apprentices - it's that easy! Joining the panel is free and participants can opt-out at any time.

Any feedback provided by respondents remains confidential in accordance with Canada’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information provided will be used for research purposes only. Apprentices and journeypersons will not be asked to purchase any product or service. A summary of the results from each survey will be available at

 More information about the ePanel is on the CAF-FCA website: .

 Do you have more questions? Contact Emily Arrowsmith, Project Manager/Researcher at