Coal and Electricity Transition Tuition (CETT) Voucher

Advanced Education is playing a key role in assisting workers impacted by the closing of Alberta coal-fired power plants and coal mines. Beginning in January 2018 and continuing for several years, a number of workers face layoffs so the Alberta Government has created a series of financial and career-related services to help with the transition of these workers to re-employment.

Advanced Education has created a new tuition voucher program, available to workers who were employed for at least one year at one of the impacted worksites and who plan to continue working. The Coal and Electricity Transition Tuition (CETT) Voucher will cover up to $12,000 of post-secondary programs tuition and fee costs. Workers have up to five years to use the voucher. All for-credit programs at publicly-funded post-secondary institutions and First Nations Colleges in Alberta are eligible, including apprenticeship technical training. Please call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992 to make an appointment at an Alberta Supports Centre to request the CETT Voucher or email For more information, visit