Forms and References

For General Applications

For Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Apprenticeship Pathways Students

Resources to help students acquire advanced standing in an apprenticeship program while still in high school.

For Certified Journeypersons

Information on programs that help you build your career following certification

For Tradespeople

If you were previously certified outside Alberta and your certification is not recognized in Alberta or you are not certified but have work experience in a trade, the Qualification Certificate Program provides an opportunity to have your work experience, skills and knowledge assessed against the industry-approved standards of an Alberta trade certificate.

For Employers

Resources to help Alberta employers hire tradespeople.

For Holders of a Recognized Trade Credential

If you were previously certified outside Alberta and your certificate is recognized in Alberta, you do not require an Alberta certificate. If you wish to have an Alberta document that proves to Alberta employers that you are permitted to work in Alberta, the Equivalency Program is an option for you.

For Designated Occupations

Alberta certifies and offers training in nine designated occupations.  Each requirement for certification and training varies depending on industry standards. Occupation applicants need to read the Occupational Certificate Guide related to the occupation they are interested in before applying.