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Steel Detailer - Levels 1,2,3

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Steel detailers are specialized technicians who make detailed shop or fabrication drawings that a steel fabricator or welder uses to manufacture girders, beams, columns, stairways and other steel components of buildings and structures.

The steel detailer interprets the fabrication requirements for structural steel components using engineering drawings, specifications, industry and government codes, and the directions of engineers and architects. The detailer then makes the shop drawings and related instructions a steel fabricator will use to manufacture the components.

The steel detailer must be familiar with drafting and industry standard CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting) applications including 3D modelling software. They also require a high degree of expertise in the use of personal computers including standard office software and file management, and networking related to file transfer and sharing.

Program Information

Program Information & Requirements
Occupational Certification
  • Steel detailers may acquire the knowledge and skills they need through work experience supplemented by CAD training offered through an Alberta post-secondary institution or by training offered through the National Institute of Steel Detailing [NISD]

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