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Well Testing Services Supervisor (All Levels)


Well testing is the process where well data is collected in order to determine reservoir deliverability and for identifying produced fluids as an essential requirement for producing companies to meet business performance requirements.

Well testing services supervisor, levels three, four and five, are available for certification under the Apprenticeship and Industry Act (Level Five is the highest level):

  • Well testing services supervisor - level three: Supervisors operate in a complex environment with additional equipment on site. In addition to conventional well testing they conduct well workovers and completions. Work is conducted in a hazardous environment where sour gas is present and in wells with higher shut in pressure (less than or equal to 34.5 MPA (5000psi)).
  • Well testing services supervisor - level four: Supervisors operate in an even more complex environment, with multi-stage separation and multiple other equipment to conduct well testing, workovers and completions. Work is conducted in an increased hazardous environment where the well is designated as critical sour. Crews supervised are larger in number with significantly increased responsibilities.
  • Well testing services supervisor - level five: Supervisors operate at the highest skill level, with project management capability to work with multiple other companies to organize and supervise large well testing projects at multiple sites. Supervisors at this level work on wells where the well pressures are more than or equal to 34.5 MPA (5000 psi).

Levels one and two are not available for Alberta certification, however industry offers certification through their petroleum competency program in these levels.

Note: An individual does not need to be certified at a lower level to be certified at a higher level. For example, individuals can apply to be certified in level five, they do not have to be certified at level four to qualify. The applicant’s competencies will be assessed for all five cumulative levels to be certified at level five.

For more information regarding tasks and activities, please review the Occupation Regulation.


Working Conditions

Well testing services are conducted 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The pre-job planning, journey management, rig-in, flowing the well, recording data, rig-out, post job management, system inspection and maintenance of well testing equipment are the undertakings that constitute the occupation.


Working in Alberta

A certificate is not required to work as a well test supervisor in Alberta as this is a designated occupation and participation is voluntary.

Job skills and competencies and standards of performance for well test supervisors have been defined and approved under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act.

The expected salary according to the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) 2008 Compensation Survey for those working part-time or full-time ranges between $23,000 and $157,000 annually.

An individual completes the online Occupational Certificate - Credentials Application and submits it with the nonrefundable application fee. The application must include a certified true copy of their petroleum competency program certificate issued by the Petroleum Industry Training Service.

Individuals possessing a valid Alberta Journeyman Certificate, an Alberta Occupational Certificate, a document indicating that the individual holds a certificate that is recognized as equivalent to an Alberta trade or occupational certificate, or a certificate that is recognized as equivalent to an Alberta trade or occupational certificate are eligible to apply for a Blue Seal business credential by completing the online Blue Seal Application and submitting it.



Occupational Certification Based on Recognized Credential

An individual acquires competencies through on-the-job training. Formal training is not provided. Work experience hours/months do not apply and are not required for certification.

Competencies are assessed by demonstration on the job according to standards set by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board.

Advanced Education has entered into an agreement with the Petroleum Labour Market Information (PetroLMI) Division of Enform to recognize the competency assessment process of their petroleum competency program.

This competency assessment process is monitored and audited by Apprenticeship and Industry Training to assure standards are met as approved by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board.

To learn the skills required for an Alberta Occupational Certificate as a well test supervisor (level 3, level 4 or level 5), a person must:

A partnership between the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) and the SAIT Polytechnic MacPhail School of Energy (1-800-661-1268) provides a long distance continuing education course.

Student loans, grants, scholarships and other financial assistance may be available. For more information see Financial Assistance, visit an Apprenticeship and Industry Training office, or call toll-free to 1-800-248-4823.