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Residential Construction Site Manager

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Residential construction site managers (RCSM) plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate residential construction projects from start to finish according to a schedule, specifications and a budget. This occupation includes coordinating the work of many skilled tradespersons and suppliers. Residential construction site managers play a significant role in planning and implementing quality control for home construction, jobsite safety and in ensuring current building code requirements are followed. The scope of work is limited to wood frame non-commercial buildings and residences up to four stories in height.

As the onsite representative of the prime contractor, the residential construction site manager is responsible for ensuring safety protocols, conditions and practices are met in accordance with current Occupational Health and Safety regulations, safety legislation and company policy.

Program Information

Program Information & Requirements
Occupational Certification
  • To qualify for an Alberta Occupational Certificate, a person must complete the required work experience of 4500 hours and 36 months and successfully complete the approved residential construction site manager training program offered by the Professional Home Builders Institute (
  • To qualify for an Alberta Occupational Certificate based on Work Experience a person must provide evidence of a minimum of 6750 hours and 54 months of ‘hands-on’ work experience as a residential construction site manager.  Time spent working in related trades or occupations in the residential construction industry in a capacity other than a residential construction site manager will not be counted as ‘hands-on’ work experience.

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