MyTradesecrets is a secure online service that provides AIT clients and stakeholders with access to view and update AIT program information at anytime - and anywhere - internet access is available.

  • Clients have 24/7 access to submit applications as well as access and manage their AIT programs.
  • Employers will have access to view and update relevant AIT program information online.
  • Members of the public will have the opportunity to apply online for AIT programs and services.

Apply for AIT Programs & Services Online

  • Start an application, or
  • Return to work on an application you have previously saved.

Existing Clients of AIT

  • View and update your Apprenticeship program information,
  • View your scheduled classes and exams,
  • View your examination marks,
  • Pay your fees online.

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For Employers

  • Complete the employer section of the apprenticeship application.
  • Pay your fees online.

What's Inside MyTradesecrets?

MyTradesecrets provides Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) clients with the convenience of 24/7 online access to AIT programs and services. Anytime, anywhere there is internet access,

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Technical Support

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