The Government of Alberta and Apprenticeship and Industry Training are working hard to develop policies that makes sense for apprentices, employers and training providers.

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Apprentice Education Funding Policy

This policy was developed to clarify Advanced Education’s program and funding approvals for apprenticeship classroom instruction and apprenticeship-related education. It also supports department efforts to ensure apprentices have opportunities to enter, progress through, and complete apprenticeship programs. 

Apprentice Eligibility Policy

The Apprentice Eligibility Policy ensures that apprenticeship education yields maximum benefit to Alberta's industry, economy and society. The criteria also recognize the flexibility of location mandated by the Provincial-Territorial Mobility Protocol and the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Agreement, which allow apprentices to continue their apprenticeship program (including on-the-job learning) outside of the jurisdiction that administers their apprenticeship. 

Apprentice Mobility Policy

Since the Provincial-Territorial Apprentice Mobility Agreement was signed by ministers across Canada in 2015, provinces and territories have been working to facilitate apprentices’ ability to work and take training in other jurisdictions.

This mobility agreement includes:

  • transferring temporarily or permanently between jurisdictions, and
  • receiving recognition for hours worked and training completed.

Find out more about Alberta's Apprentice Mobility Policy.

Learn more about the Provincial-Territorial Mobility Agreement

Determining Success in Technical Training (DSTT) Policy

Effective September 1, 2019, Apprenticeship and Industry Training updated the policy on determining whether an apprentice has passed a period of technical training. The Determining Success in Technical Training (DSTT) Policy sets a more transparent, more efficient method for determining a passing mark for the in-class portion of each period of an apprentice’s technical training. This policy does not apply to the industry examination administered at the end of each period of training. See the following resource documents for details.

 Note: The DSTT Operational Policy was effective September, 2019.

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