Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Alberta Apprenticeship system and the designated trades and occupations.

What trades are designated in Alberta?

Alberta proudly hosts a wide variety of designated trades.

How do I start an apprenticeship?

Where can I find information on possible funding sources?

Please refer to our site's financial assistance section for information on provincial grants, provincial scholarships and awards, Employment Insurance, federal grants and more…

Is my expired or non-expired trade certificate recognized in Alberta?

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training recognizes trade certificates from other provinces and/or territories, the Department of National Defense and some credential-issuing authorities outside of Canada.  

Click here for more information.

Will AIT apply credit from my first trade to my second?

In some cases, advanced standing is available due to previous certification, but each situation is determined upon its own merits.

Contact your nearest AIT office for more information.

Where can I find the ratio of journeypeople to apprentices for my trade?

Journeypeople-to-apprentice ratios can be found in the Apprenticeship Education and Industry Training Programs Regulation.

How can I order a replacement AIT document?

Visit MyTradesecrets to complete the on-line Certificate/Document Replacement Application. Learn more here

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Where/how do I book a trade entrance exam?

All exam arrangements are made by AIT offices throughout Alberta. Please contact your nearest AIT office.

What is the cost of classroom instruction

Current classroom instruction fees and material costs can be found here. 

Trouble with MyTradesecrets?

Call the AIT office where you are registered or visit MTS technical support.

Looking for apprenticeship promotional materials?

There are 12 AIT offices throughout the Province. Please contact the nearest AIT office with your request. Some materials can also be found here. 

Still have questions about Alberta's Apprenticeship system?  Please contact one of our AIT Offices. We welcome your questions and comments.

Apprentice Mobility

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding apprentice mobility in Alberta.

What is apprentice mobility?

For the following topics, please click here.

  • Alberta apprentice moves permanently to another jurisdiction
  • Apprentice moves permanently from another jurisdiction to Alberta
  • Alberta apprentice wishes to take technical training or write exam in other jurisdiction 
  • Apprentice working temporarily in Alberta without permanently transferring apprenticeship program to Alberta
  • Apprentice taking technical training or writing exam in Alberta without permanently transferring apprenticeship to Alberta

Can I work outside of Alberta while continuing my Alberta apprenticeship?

You may be eligible to work in another jurisdiction. For detailed information, click here.

Can I work in Alberta while continuing my apprenticeship from another province/territory?

Contact your home provincial/territorial apprenticeship authority to ensure you have permission to work in Alberta, and that on-the-job training/work experience gained in Alberta will be recognized toward your home apprenticeship program. You are not required to notify Alberta AIT, however, education and supervision of an apprentice from another jurisdiction by an Alberta employer is subject to the same legislative requirements as Alberta apprentices. This includes, but is not limited to, ratio, supervision, wages and dispute resolution between the apprentice and the employer.

NOTE: The trade must be designated both in Alberta and your home jurisdiction.

Learn more here

What's required to obtain recognition, as an AB apprentice, for a training course taken in another Canadian jurisdiction?

AIT may grant credit for a training course if the training course is recognized as pre-apprenticeship training in your home province/territory. 

You must provide AIT with evidence (eg. transcript, result letter, diploma, etc.) of successful completion of the training. AIT will verify this with your home jurisdiction.  Training course hours are not granted toward your Alberta apprenticeship program as AIT only recognizes hours from on-the-job training. For detailed information, click here.

Can I take classroom instruction in Alberta if I am registered in another province/territory?

You must contact your home jurisdiction. Click for links to other Canadian jurisdictions.

Can an Alberta apprentice take classroom instruction in another province/territory?

You may be able to take classroom instruction in another Canadian jurisdiction. Click here for more information.

How do I transfer an apprenticeship from another province/territory to Alberta?

If your trade is also designated in Alberta, you need to locate an Alberta employer who is willing to hire and train you.  You and your employer then complete the online apprenticeship application & contract. Ensure you attach all information/documents pertaining to your previous apprenticeship to your Alberta apprenticeship application. For detailed information, click here.

NOTE: A 'Consent to Disclose Information Form' must be completed for permanent transfers from Newfoundland and Manitoba prior to releasing any information to Alberta. A copy of the consent form can be found on the Newfoundland and Manitoba apprenticeship websites.

Can my non-Alberta employer recommend an exam challenge?

No, an out of province employer cannot recommend an exam challenge for an Alberta apprentice.

Can my non-Alberta employer recommend previous work experience hours?

No, an out of province employer cannot recommend previous work experience for an Alberta apprentice.

Can my non-Alberta employer recommend early completion for my Alberta apprenticeship?

No, an out of province employer cannot recommend early completion for an Alberta apprentice.

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