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Entrance Exams

Download the Entrance Exam Study Guide.

Exam Counselling Sheets

Be prepared for your upcoming exam by reviewing the Exam Counselling Sheet for your trade or occupation. There are Exam Counselling Sheets for:

  • apprenticeship exams for each period (theory and practical),
  • interprovincial (Red Seal) exams, and
  • qualification exams (theory and practical).

 Each sheet highlights the number of questions on the exam, and the allocation of marks in each section from the course outline.

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Additional Study Materials

 The following study materials are also available to help you prepare:

  • the National Occupational Analysis- NOA (available for most trades), which provides:
    • the foundation document for most Trades Qualifier program written exams,
    • a specific description of the scope of the occupation, and
    • a list of commonly-used terms and in some cases, the definitions.

Glossaries of Terms are available on this site for select trades. There may be additional glossaries in the National Occupational Analysis (NOA).

Additional Exam Requirements

Do I need to submit a Training Plan?

If you have attempted the theory or practical exams two or more times in the same trade with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), and any prior exam attempt resulted in a mark of at least 60%, you may complete an AIT Training Plan.