Earn your Red Seal

The Red Seal is a recognized standard in Canadian jurisdictions, one that employers look for as an indication of the skill and competency level of employees in the trades.


Tradespeople who hold a trade certificate with a Red Seal can work anywhere in Canada, including Alberta, without further training or examination.

Red Seal Trades

There are more than 50 Red Seal trades in Canada. In Alberta, 39 of these trades are designated. See Red Seal Trades in Alberta


Valid certificates include:

  • an Alberta trade or occupational certificate in the Red Seal trade,
  • an Alberta completion of apprenticeship certificate in the Red Seal trade,
  • a certificate of qualification certificate in a Red Seal trade that was issued by another Canadian province or territory, or
  • a certificate of qualification in the Red Seal occupation that was issued by another Canadian province or territory.

How to Obtain your Red Seal

To qualify for a Red Seal, you must:

If you have an Alberta trade certificate, complete the online Interprovincial (Red Seal) Program Application.

If you are a registered apprentice, you will have the opportunity to write the Red Seal exam when you complete all requirements for Alberta journeyperson certification. 

If you have a non-Alberta recognized trade certificate, apply through the Qualification Certificate Program.

Learn more about the Interprovincial Red Seal Program.