Register for Classes

Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there are a limited number of seats available. Plan ahead and register early to ensure a smooth registration process and avoid disappointment. 

When do I register?

  • You are eligible to enroll for your first period of classroom instruction as soon as you are registered as an apprentice. 
    • You do not need to have a sponsor to attend classroom instruction.
    • You are encouraged to find a sponsor as soon as possible so you can learn from a qualified mentor and practice your skills.
    • Most apprentices come to classroom instruction with on-the-job experience, so without this, you may find the classes challenging.
  • You are eligible to enroll in your second, third, or fourth period of classroom instruction after you have successfully completed your previous period.
    • It is recommended that you return to work to earn on-the-job hours between periods of classroom instruction. This will allow you to apply what you learned in class to real-world work scenarios under the guidance of a qualified mentor. This way, when you return to the classroom, you have a solid foundation to continue building on.
    • If you are currently attending classes, you can apply for your next period class after the fourth day of the current class. However, acceptance is conditional upon passing you present period. Any deposits paid are subject to institution refund policies. Consult with your employer before enrolling in the next level of classroom instruction.
  • You are required to attend classroom instruction annually.
    • If you have not attended classroom instruction in the past year, your apprenticeship registration may be cancelled.
    • To avoid cancellation, register for classroom instruction as soon as possible.
    • If you are no longer pursuing your apprenticeship in the trades, advise your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training office so your apprenticeship can be cancelled.
  • Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Space is limited and may be cancelled due to a lack of response, so register on the opening day of registration, or shortly thereafter. 


How do I register?

Through the Class Registration tab of your MyTradesecrets account, you can see classes that you are:

  • eligible to attend,
  • registered in, and
  • waitlisted for.

You can sort the classes you are eligible to attend by:

  • date of class,
  • seat availability,
  • class location,
  • training provider and
  • classes open for registration.

You can filter by:

  • class location,
  • training provider,
  • class start date and
  • classes open for registration

To Register:

If there is a seat available, the Register button will appear beside the class in the list of classes you are eligible for.

  • Click the button to register for the class. This will take you to the institution's registration system, if available. 
  • If the training provider does not provide online class registrations, the Manual Registration Only link will be displayed above the Register button. 
  • Both the button and the link will send you to the same information page with details on how to register with the training provider. 

If there are no seats available in that class, you will see the Add to Waitlist link. Click to be added to the list for that class. 

  • Not all institutions are using the waitlist in MyTradesecrets.  They may be using the waitlist process within their own systems so it would not appear on your MyTradesecrets account.  If you want to confirm your waitlist, contact the institution directly.
  • If a space becomes available, you will be contacted to register. 

To Cancel:

You can cancel your class until the start date in the Class Registrations tab in your MyTradesecrets account. If you need to cancel on the first day of class, or after the class has started, contact your training provider directly about available options. 

To Change Classes:

Contact your training provider directly to ensure ensure space is available in the class you want BEFORE cancelling your original seat. When a course cancellation is complete, that seat immediately becomes available to other apprentices. Contact your training provider for help holding a seat for you (if available).