Student Loans and Grants - for Students in Pre-employment Programs

Pre-employment students can apply for student loans and grants to help pay for their training.


Students in pre-employment programs can apply for loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid. These students cannot receive funding from the Government of Canada.

Pre-employment programs provide occupational/job readiness training to prepare you for an apprenticeship program and help you get a job. 

These are certificate programs lasting one year or less that count for at least one period of classroom instruction


To be eligible for funding you must attend an institution that has designated pre-employment program(s). 

Find out if your school and program are designated.

You must also meet the basic eligibility criteria for full-time or part-time Alberta post-secondary students:

Lower-income students in approved pre-employment programs may also qualify for provincial or federal grants.

Apply for funding 

You should apply as soon as you have registered for a pre-employment program. You must submit your application 30 days before your program ends.

When applying online, select the following:

  • Program: Pre-employment
  • Program specialization: your specific trade

Learn more about applying for funding.

Special considerations

If you withdraw from your program within the first 30 days of your studies, you must pay back any grant money you received, along with your student loans.

Interest and payments

Your Alberta student loan remains interest-free for the duration of your pre-employment program. You do not have to make any payments while you are studying. 

You have a 6-month interest-free grace period once you finish your program. Following this grace period, your loan begins accumulating interest and you must start repaying it.

Learn more about repaying student loans.


For more information, contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre.