Qualify based on Training

Apply for the Recognized Training program to qualify for your Alberta Journeyperson Certificate if:

  • you have completed training programs that Alberta recognizes toward qualification for journeyperson certification, and
  • you have completed any additional on-the-job work experience required.

Visit the profile for your trade to see if this program is available in your trade and what the training and work experience requirements are. 

  • Find the Trade Qualifier row under Program Information, and review the Recognized Training requirements. 
  • This program is available in just 12 Alberta trades without government-administered apprenticeship programs available.
  • Certification or participation in this program is not to work in and/or learn the trade.
  • However, completion of the Trades Qualifier – Recognized Training program is evidence that you have the skills, competencies and standards to work in Alberta.


To apply, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, 
  • have completed the required training and work experience for the trade you are apply for (listed in Trade Profile), and
  • have up-to-date contact information for employers who can verify your work experience. 

How it Works

Detailed, step-by-step program information is available here. An overview is provided below. 

1. Submit an online application with your training and employer information. 

We will verify your course(s) with the institution/company, and work experience with the employer contact(s) you provide.

2. Complete your exam(s)

Pass a theory exam to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and understanding required for your trade.

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