Educational Credentials

When you complete your apprenticeship education program, you will receive both a journeyperson certificate and an education credential

The journeyperson certificate recognizes that you are a skilled professional in your trade. Each apprenticeship program in a designated trade results in a journeyperson certificate, regardless of the program length. This is your license to work. 

The education credential is separate from the journeyperson credential. It is a formal acknowledgement that you have completed a post-secondary program of study. 

There are four levels of educational credential that are awarded depending on the program, to reflect the amount of time you have spent learning your trade. Visit the trade profile for your trade to find out which one applies to your program. 

  • Advanced Diploma: 80 credits + 
  • Diploma: 60-80 credits 
  • Certificate: 30-60 credits
  • Certificate of Achievement: no credit assigned. 

(1 Apprenticeship Credit = 300 On-the-job hours or 15 classroom hours)

Educational credentials can help employers, even those outside of the trades, understand the level of education you have received. They can also help open doors to further education, as some credits you have earned through your apprenticeship may transfer to other relevant post-secondary programs.