Earn your Blue Seal

An Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Certificate is evidence that a certified tradesperson:

  • meets Alberta’s high industry standards, and
  • has continued a path towards business education and acquired competencies and demonstrated drive to succeed in managerial, supervisory, entrepreneurial or other leadership roles.


You may be eligible for an Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Certificate if you:

To apply:

  1. Log in to your MyTradesecrets account.
  2. Complete and submit the online Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Application. During the application process, attach a copy of your transcripts and supporting documentation clearly indicating:
    • name of the applicant,
    • name of the recognized training provider,
    • the approved subject area(s)/course name, and
    • the hours of study you have completed.

 There is a $50.00 non-refundable application fee.

 Note: Apprenticeship and Industry Training may contact the training provider to confirm your information.

 For more information, call the Apprenticeship toll-free line at 1-800-248-4823 or visit your nearest Apprenticeship and Industry Training office

Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program Policy

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