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Book your exam through MyTradesecrets

If you are writing a period exam as part of classroom instruction for your apprenticeship program, your training provider will give you the date and time.

  • You do not have to schedule your exam yourself.

You can schedule the time and location of your exam through your MyTradesecrets account if you are writing an: 

If you require special accommodation for your exam, you do not have to schedule your exam yourself; AIT will provide you with a date and time. For more information, contact the AIT Information Line at 1-800-248-4823.


  • You have 21 days to schedule your exam after receiving the initial email notification or your exam request will be cancelled.
    • A second email notification is sent when there are 7 days left to schedule.
  • The earliest session you can schedule yourself into is 14 days from that date after receiving the initial notification.
  • The latest session you can to schedule yourself into is 90 days from that date after receiving the initial notification.
  • On the initial scheduling of your exam, you may re-schedule once with in 24 hours and have it not count as one of your reschedules. This may only be done once. Any reschedule after that counts as a reschedule.
    • You can reschedule your exam two times before you will no longer be able to book online and will have to call the AIT Information Line at 1-800-248-4823.
  • You may reschedule your exam up to 12 hours before the exam session begins.

How to Schedule an Exam

Apprentices are now able to schedule their exams online through their MyTradesecrets account. When you are eligible to write an exam, a message is displayed on your MyTradesecrets home page.

  1. Click Schedule Exam or the Schedule tab to continue.

  2. On the Schedule page, you will see the exam you are eligible to write. Click Schedule.

    NOTE: You can schedule the exam from either the Schedule tab or the Exams tab.

  3. You will see the Exams page where you can select the AIT Office where you would like to write the exam as well as the date. Edmonton is the default office, but if necessary, you can change the office by clicking the arrow in the AIT Office box and selecting another from the list. In the Calendar, select the date and time you would like to write the exam by clicking the blue box.
  4. If one of the dates available has a bar with three dots, it means that more times are available on that day. Click the dots to see a list of the available times.

  5. Click Select beside the time you would like to write the exam or click Back to Calendar to select another day and time.

  6. You will see a window explaining that you will be registered into the exam and asking for confirmation. Click Confirm to continue or Cancel to return and select a different date and time.

  7. The Schedule page will now show you are registered for the exam. If you need to reschedule the exam within 24 hours of the exam being scheduled, click Reschedule and select another date and time. You can do this once your first time scheduling the exam without it counting toward your reschedule limit of two reschedules.

    If you are not sure where to go to write the exam, click View Location to see a Google Maps view of the location.


Reschedule an Exam

You are allowed to reschedule an exam twice. If you do not attend an exam you are scheduled to write, it counts as a Reschedule. You may move a scheduled exam within 24 hours of it being scheduled.

  1. Click the Schedule tab in your MyTradesecrets account and find the exam you wish to reschedule.

  2. Click Reschedule To see the calendar of available sessions.

  3. Select a new session as explained above. When the confirmation message is displayed, click Confirm to accept or Cancel to return to the calendar to select a different session.
  4. If you attempt to reschedule after using your permitted number of reschedules, a message is displayed warning that you will not be able to reschedule again and if you do not attend this session, the exam will be cancelled. Click Confirm to continue or Cancel to return to the Calendar.

  5. On the Schedule and Exam tabs, you will no longer see the Reschedule button. If you still need to reschedule the exam, you will need to contact the AIT Office.

Schedule an Exam from a Mobile Device

Scheduling an exam from your mobile device is similar to scheduling from a computer. For the purposes of this guide, long screens are split and shown side by side.

  1. Log in to your MyTradesecrets account from your mobile device. If you are eligible to write an exam, it will be shown on the Home page.

  2. To view other pages in your MyTradesecrets account, click the box at the top of the page and select the page to view.

  3. To schedule the exam, click Schedule Exam on the Home page or select Schedule from the menu. You will see the Schedule page with the exam listed.

  4. If you select Exams from the list, any scheduled exams as well as Exam(s) to Schedule will be listed.

  5. Click Schedule to view the calendar with available sessions.

  6. Select the session you want to schedule for the exam by clicking the blue box.

  7. The AIT Office default is Edmonton, but you can see exam sessions available in other offices by clicking in the AIT Office box and selecting another office from the list.
  8. A message is displayed asking for confirmation of the session you have selected. Click Confirm to continue or Cancel to return to the calendar and select another session.
  9. The exam session is now shown on the Exam page. Click View Location to see a Google Map of the Exam Center location.
  10. The scheduled exam is shown on your MyTradesecrets Home page.

  11. To reschedule an exam, select Schedule or Exams from the menu and click Reschedule.
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