Maintain your Records

Maintain your records and submit all required information in a timely manner to make sure you receive all the information you need about your apprenticeship, and that you receive credit for your hours.

Keep your contact information up to date

Update your mailing address, phone number, text number or email address through your MyTradesecrets account if your information has changed.

  • This ensures all relevant information reaches you.  

Update your sponsor information when you change sponsors

If you leave your sponsor and you start with a new sponsor, submit your Notice of Release or Notice of Acceptance through your MyTradesecrets account. 

  • For your work experience/on-the-job training hours to be applied to your apprenticeship program, your sponsor must sign-off the hours. If you change sponsors without submitting your Notice of Release or Notice of Acceptance, you may not be able to receive credit for hours. 

Submit your Record Book at the end of each period

At the end of each period of your apprenticeship, complete and submit your blue Record Book (or Competence Portfolio) through your MyTradesecrets account. 

  • Ensure both you and your sponsor have completed the appropriate sections, as instructed in the blue Record Book, to document your hours of on-the-job training and competencies practiced. 

Cancel your apprenticeship if you're no longer pursuing your trade

If you are no longer pursuing your apprenticeship, please advise your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training office so your registration can be cancelled.