Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) conducts site visits and inspections to monitor compliance with legislation under the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (STAEA / act).

AIT officers work with organizations and individuals to:

  • Promote AIT programs,
  • Counsel and educate on compliance issues or concerns and obligations of apprentices, sponsors, and mentors,
  • Investigate complaints,
  • Visit work locations, and
  • Ensure compliance orders and court orders are followed. 

AIT officers visit worksites to:

  • Provide information about Alberta’s apprenticeship system;
  • Follow up on cancelled or rejected applications; and,
  • Ensure tradespersons and companies comply with the act.

Section 30 of the act authorizes designated AIT officers to enter the premises or location where apprentices are working or receiving instruction to:  

  • Inspect the premises or location,
  • Inspect any document, record, or object relevant to compliance with the act,
  • Make inquiries of any person regarding any matter relevant to compliance with the act, and
  • Take photographs or video recordings of any relevant records or objects, or remove them to make copies or take photographs.

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