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About Classroom Instruction

Classroom instruction is the part of your apprenticeship spent learning from instructors at a college, polytechnic institution, or industry training provider. 

Attendance Requirements

As an apprentice, you’re required to attend a period of classroom instruction annually.

  • Requirements for your trade: Visit the trade profile for your apprenticeship program for information on how many periods and weeks of classroom instruction are required.  Trade Profiles
  • Cancellation for non-attendance: If you have not attended classroom instruction in the past year, your apprenticeship registration may be cancelled. Cancellation Policy
  • Challenging a period: With recommendation from your sponsor, you may request to challenge the exam to advance in your apprenticeship program without attending classroom instruction. Exam Challenges
  • Minimum term: You must attend at least one period of classroom instruction for your program without challenging the exam.
    • Exception 1: This requirement is waived if you have received credit from AIT for attending a pre-apprenticeship training program. Prior Learning Assessments
    • Exemption 2: This requirement is waived if classroom instruction is currently suspended (not being offered) for your program. Suspended Classroom Instruction
  • Attendance: Apprentices missing more than 18 hours of classroom instruction may have their enrollment in classroom instruction terminated. Attendance Policy


You’re eligible to enroll in a period of classroom instruction after you have successfully completed your previous period.

  • Notification: You’ll get an email when class schedules become available each spring if you are eligible to attend. 
  • Enrolling before completing previous period: You can apply for your next period class after the fourth day of class for the previous period. Acceptance is conditional upon passing your present period, and any deposits paid are subject to training provider refund policies. 

Passing Marks

To pass, you need at least 65% in both the theory and the practical component, and at least 50% in each individual section of both components.  

  • Your instructor is responsible for grading your work and reporting it to Apprenticeship and Industry Training.
  • We cannot overrule you’re the marks reported to us by your instructor.

Determining Success in Classroom Instruction Policy

Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour

Cheating in any form is unacceptable and is taken very seriously.

  • You are required to follow the rules and policies of the school or training provider you attend.
  • Your enrolment in a class may be terminated for disruptive, disrespectful, or abusive behaviour.

Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour Policy

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