Confirming Your Eligibility

In order to complete your award declaration online, you must

  • consent to Alberta Advanced Education using your personal information for the purpose of determining eligibility for and administration of awards and scholarships
  • provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • confirm your eligibility

Go to the Awards and Scholarships section of your MyTradesecrets to confirm your eligibility.

MyTradesecrets account navigation with Awards and Scholarships highlighted

If you have provided consent and your SIN to be considered for awards and scholarships, you will see a blue Check Eligibility button beside the Apprentice Training Award row. If you have not provided consent, you will see a blue 'Consent required' or 'SIN Required' button instead. Click this button and follow the instructions here before completing the steps below. 

  1. Click the Check Eligibility button to bring up the Confirmation box.

    Awards and Scholarships page of MyTradesecrets with Check Eligibility button highlighted

  2. Read the confirmation statement. If you meet the listed criteria, type “I qualify” in the box, then click the Next button.

    Example of confirmation box

  3. Read the declaration statement. If you agree, click the checkbox, then click the Submit button.

    Example of declaration box

  4. The status of your award application will change to In Progress. Your correspondence list (found under the Applications tab) will also be updated with a PDF version of your declaration.

    Example of Awards and Scholarships page with In Progress message highlighted

If your eligibility is verified you will automatically receive a cheque from Alberta Student Aid within 30 days. Your status in the Awards and Scholarships section will also change to Approved.