Consent to be Considered

When you registered as an apprentice, you had the opportunity to consent to your information being used to consider you for awards and scholarships. If you did not provide consent at that time and wish to add it now, you can do so through your MyTradesecrets account. 

  • You must provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) as part of this process.
  • If you do not provide consent or your SIN, you will not be considered for scholarships and awards, but this will not affect your apprenticeship status.

 Go to the Applications section of your MyTradesecrets account to give your consent.

MyTradesecrets Account navigation with Applications highlighted

  1. Click the Update My Consent/SIN button. If you don’t see this button, click the Details link beside the correct application. The bottom of the page will update with the information for that application.
    • The button will only appear for applications for Alberta apprentice, RAP or the eligible PLA categories.
    • The button will be greyed out if your application is currently being reviewed by AIT.

    Example of how details link works in the Applications section of MyTradesecrets account

  2. A new window will open with the consent statement. Read it and select your choice.
    • If you select “I consent,” and your SIN is not already on file, you must enter your SIN. You cannot copy and paste it into this box. You must type the numbers in.
    • If you select “I do not consent,” you will not be considered for these awards.

    Example of Update Consent window in MyTradesecrets account

  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. A letter confirming your choice will be added to the Correspondence section of your Application page.

    detail of correspondence section of the Application section of MyTradesecrets

  5. If you are a dual apprentice or have more than one application, consent for each program you are registered in.

If you choose to revoke your consent, AIT will keep your SIN on file in case you change your mind.