Start an Apprenticeship

Start your apprenticeship education by taking the following four steps.

1. Choose your Program

There are more than 50 designated trades in Alberta. Find the career that matches your interests and passion – and learn more about what you need to get started.

2. Meet Eligibility and Entrance Requirements

You can start your apprenticeship when you meet the eligibility and entrance requirements of your chosen program, which ensure you are eligible to work and attend school in Alberta and have the required education to be successful in your program. 

Meet Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to register as an apprentice in Alberta, an individual must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, or
  • be a permanent resident of Canada, or
  • be a Convention refugee or protected person, or
  • be a Refugee Claimant in possession of a work permit; or
  • be an individual in possession of a Post-Graduation Work Permit;


  • be a resident of Alberta, or
  • be primarily working in Alberta (in the scope of the apprenticeship education program).

For additional information, consult the Apprentice Eligibility Policy

Meet Entrance Requirements

To begin your apprenticeship, you must:

  • hold an existing trade certificate, OR

You can still register as an apprentice in your trade if you do not meet the requirements, but you will be expected to meet them during your first year of apprenticeship.

3. Find a Sponsor and Employer

To earn on-the-job hours toward your apprenticeship, you must find an employer who is willing and able to hire you and provide on-the-job training in Alberta. 

You can register as an apprentice and attend classroom instruction without having a sponsor or employer. However, to earn on-the-job hours toward your apprenticeship, you must have a sponsor and an employer (which may be the same company). You are encouraged to find a sponsor as soon as possible so you can learn from a qualified mentor and practice your skills. Most apprentices come to classroom instruction with on-the-job experience, so without this, you may find the classes challenging. 

To find a sponsor/employer: 

  • Conduct a standard job search using newspapers and online job posting sites.
  • Tell everyone you know you are looking for an apprenticeship position.
  • If an employer says they are not hiring, ask if they know of another company that is.

More job search tools and resources are available on the alis website.

4. Register as an Apprentice

Your last step is to register online so that you can begin earning hours and working toward completing your program!

Complete the online Apprenticeship Application through the MyTradesecrets (MTS) online service to register your apprenticeship and begin earning hours and working toward completing your apprenticeship program! 

To register, you will need: 

Once you have completed the apprentice portion of the application, an email request will be sent to your sponsor to complete that portion of the application. After your sponsor has finished, you will receive a package in the mail including a competence portfolio (blue book) and more information about progressing in your apprenticeship program.