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Industry Pathways

Program Development and Trade Designation 

Through the Industry Pathways initiative, Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) is accepting inquiries from Alberta industries that wish to explore options to train and certify professionals under the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act (STAEA).

Pathways that may be established under STAEA are: 

  • Apprenticeship Education Programs (with or without trade designation)
  • Industry Training Programs with less complexity or a shorter duration than full Apprenticeship Education Programs (with or without trade designation) 
  • Trade designation (with or without an associated education/training program under STAEA)

Various considerations will be taken into account to determine which option is suitable for industries that wish to establish new apprenticeship education programs, industry training programs, and/or designated trades. Considerations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Size of the industry
  • Support from the industry
  • Length of program
  • Need for activities to be completed by qualified individuals
  • Regulation of wages and apprentice-to-mentor ratios
  • Type of education delivery
  • Desire for Red Seal endorsement

If you or your organization represents an industry with interest in one of these Industry Pathways, inquire with industry-pathways@gov.ab.ca.


Fact Sheets and Templates

  • Five Pathways Fact Sheet
    •  Learn about how programs and designation can be combined into five pathways that industries can explore adopting to develop and/or certify professionals in their field.
  • Industry Pathways Process Fact Sheet
    • Learn about the process AIT can help you navigate through if you or your organization represents an Alberta industry interested in exploring options to train and/or certify professionals under STAEA.

Credentials and Certification

Adopting an Industry Pathway allows professionals in an occupation to achieve a government-issued education credential and/or journeyperson certificate. 

  • An education credential is awarded upon completion of: 
    • an apprenticeship education program, or
    • an industry training program.
  • A Journeyperson Certificate is awarded to individuals who meet certification requirements in a designated trade.
  • Both a Journeyperson Certificate and an education credential are awarded upon completion of:
    • an apprenticeship education program in a designated trade, or
    • an industry training program in a designated trade. 

Apprentice Education Programs

Apprenticeship Education Programs are post-secondary programs consisting of:

  • paid on-the-job instruction at a worksite, supported by a sponsor and a mentor (~80%), and
  • interspersed classroom instruction at a publicly funded post-secondary institution (~20%).

These programs provide graduates with:

  • job-ready skills, knowledge, and competencies in the full scope of an occupation.
  • a credential (e.g. a diploma) to acknowledge completion of a post-secondary program.

Programs are developed and administered by the Alberta government in consultation with industry experts.

Learn more about apprenticeship.

Industry Training Programs

Industry Training Programs (ITPs):

  • provide a flexible education option for occupations that are better suited to industry training rather than a full apprenticeship education program.
  • have less complexity and/or a shorter duration than a full apprenticeship education program,
  • establish standardized industry-provided training for workers across the province and
  • are completed mainly on-the-job, but may also include industry-provided lab or classroom training or other recognized training.

ITPs provide graduates with a government-issued Certificate of Achievement to recognize completion of training.

ITPs can be developed for occupations with or without trade designation under STAEA. 

Trade Designation

Designated Trades are occupations regulated under STAEA.

Trade designation allows the establishment of industry-driven requirements for journeyperson certification, which shows someone is:

  • highly skilled and competent in their trade, and
  • authorized to work anywhere in Alberta. 

Designation creates a model for restricting activities to people who are considered qualified.  

Learn more about trade designation. 

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