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Top Mentor Award

The Top Mentor Award is a prestigious honour granted to trades professionals who have developed ongoing relationships with apprentices in order to transfer knowledge and information relevant to work, career and/or professional development through communication, learning, dialogue and challenge.

Nomination information:

Apprentices in the final period of their trade may nominate a mentor.  Nominations will be accepted from October 1 to September 30 each year. Eligible apprentices will be notified by email about nominating their top mentor. If you
are an apprentice in your final period and would like to submit your nomination immediately, you can email board.scholarships@gov.ab.ca for more information and the nomination form.

Award criteria:

A nominee for a Top Mentor Award:

  • helps the apprentice understand the organizational culture,
  • recommends and/or creates learning opportunities,
  • transfers knowledge in areas relevant to the trade including communication, critical thinking, responsibility, flexibility, teamwork and safety, points out strengths and areas for development,
  • answers any questions,
  • provides guidance, and          
  • is available to support the apprentice in career development and progression in their trade.

Award presentation:

Top Mentor Awards are presented at the annual Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Awards of Excellence.

Past Recipients – Top Mentor Award 

  • 2020

    • Bryan Leroux, Edmonton
    • Gordon Wills, St. Albert
    • Michael Dekker, Chestermere
    • Shane Parker, Spruce Grove
  • 2019

    • Evan Fahlen
    • John Daniel
  • 2018

    • Adam Dawson
    • John Stroud
    • Juan Torres
  • 2017

    • Carole Lemire
    • Elliott Ball
    • Gregory Warren
    • Noelle Dellow
  • 2016

    • Kaede Hirooka
    • Michael Huesing
    • Tony Hamilton
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