We are currently updating our systems to better serve our clients, and as a result there will be a delay in issuing journeyperson certificates and education credentials.

During this period, no certifications will be issued. Individuals can submit their proof of program completion
(i.e. record book hours) as per normal process, and AIT staff will continue to assess eligibility. 

Become Certified

Explore your options to become certified to work in the skilled trades in Alberta as a journeyperson!

Want to learn a trade and become a journeyperson?


To learn a trade in Alberta, you must be a registered apprentice. Start your apprenticeship now to get started!

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Have work experience and want to be certified?


If you have verifiable work experience in a designated trade, you may be eligible to take the exam(s) to become an Alberta journeyperson. 

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Have a trade certificate from outside of Alberta?

You may be qualified to work in Alberta if your certification is recognized.

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Earn your Red Seal Endorsement

Tradespeople who hold a valid certificate with a Red Seal can work anywhere in Canada, including Alberta, without further training or examination.

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Earn your Blue Seal

The Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program can help you develop your business skills and obtain industry-recognized certification to support your personal and professional career goals.

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Do you have experience and knowledge related to one or more of Alberta's designated trades or apprenticeship education programs?

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