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Become Certified
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Become Certified

Explore your options to become a certified Alberta journeyperson!

Are you ready to learn a new trade and earn your journeyperson certification? Start here.

Are you an experienced worker ready to get recognition in Alberta for your skills and knowledge? Start here.

Want to learn a trade and become a journeyperson?

To learn a trade in Alberta, you must be a registered apprentice. Start your apprenticeship now to get started!

Have experience and want to be certified?

If you have verifiable experience in a trade, you may be eligible to take the exam(s) to become an Alberta journeyperson.

Have a trade certificate from outside of Alberta?

You may be qualified to work in Alberta if your certification is recognized.

Earn your Red Seal

The Red Seal is a recognized standard in Canadian jurisdictions, one that employers look for as an indication of the skill and competency level of employees in the trades.

Tradespeople who hold a valid certificate with a Red Seal can work anywhere in Canada, including Alberta, without further training or examination. 

Earn your Blue Seal

The Blue Seal Program can help you develop your business skills and obtain industry-recognized certification to support your personal and professional career goals.
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Are you a final-period apprentice, certified journeyperson, supervisor, employer, trainer, or member of a stakeholder organization with knowledge of one or more skilled trades or Alberta's apprenticeship system?

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