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Registered Apprenticeship Program

Learn and practice your future trade while you are in high school!

Earn up to 40 high school credits and gain on-the-job experience toward an apprenticeship program. Your employer will give you an inside look at your chosen trade to help you decide if that trade is right for you.  

How it Works

Register as a RAP apprentice and get a head-start on your career. 

Work in the trade of your choice:

  • part-time during the whole school year,
  • for a semester,
  • on weekends and holidays, or
  • during the summer.

As you work, you will earn:

  • wages,
  • up to 40 high school credit, and
  • on-the-job apprenticeship hours for a head-start toward journeyperson certification after high school.

When you complete high school:

  • Your RAP apprenticeship ends,
  • You are automatically registered as a regular apprentice, and
  • the on-the-job hours you earned while in RAP are applied to your apprenticeship program.

Get Started

Getting started in RAP is easy.

  • Choose your program. 
  • Find a sponsor/employer to hire and train you as a RAP apprentice, and
  • Submit your application through MyTradesecrets

Once you submit your application, your sponsor will be sent an email with instructions to access your application for confirmation of your RAP apprenticeship.

  • More information about getting started in an apprenticeship program can be found here.
  • Contact the RAP coordinator at your high school, visit an Apprenticeship and Industry Training office, or call the toll-free information line at 1-800-248-4823 for more information. 
  • In addition, CAREERS: The Next Generation is an organization that can get your started in your apprenticeship by connecting you with an employer. 
  • Follow your passion and start building your trades career today! 
Contact us with any questions