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Apply for an Apprenticeship Education Program

Apply online to start working, learning on the job, and/or attending classes as a registered apprentice. 

1. Gather Information

Prepare for an easy application process by compiling all the information you'll need. 

  1. Alberta Student Number: Required if this is your first time applying for an AIT program or service.
    • look up or request your ASN here

  2. Sponsor Contact Info: The name and email address of a contact person for your sponsor (if you have one).
    • This person will need to approve your application through their account.
    • The email address they provide must be connected to their account.
    • To double check the email address connected to their account, they can sign in at and scroll to the Contact Information box.

  3. Social Insurance Number: Required if you want to be automatically considered for scholarships and awards.

  4. Prior work experience: Details of any experience related to your trade (dates, business name).

  5. Out-of-province trade certifications or apprenticeship training: If you have any, provide the details (province, trade name, level achieved, apprentice ID, certificate information).

2. Sign In through your Account.

Use your Account to access the online application. 

  • Click Apply Now at the bottom of this webpage to open the sign in screen. 
    • No Existing Account: Create a basic Account.
      • Accept the terms and set up your profile.
    • Existing Account: Enter your username and password.
  • You will be directed to the next step as soon as you are logged in.

3. Verify your Identity (first-time applicants only)

If this is your first time applying, we'll ask you some questions to verify who you are. 

You'll need to provide or confirm your:

  • Legal name, and
  • Alberta Student Number.

4. Fill out the Application

Follow the step-by step guided online application process.

Select your program, then complete all mandatory fields to tell us about your:

  • Education history
  • Sponsor/employer
  • Work history

5. Get your Sponsor's Approval (if applicable)

If you have a sponsor, they will receive an email to confirm their sponsorship after you submit the apprentice portion of the application.

  • Email Address: Make sure the email address you provide is connected to their account, or they will not be able to confirm.
  • Deadline: They have 30 days to approve this before your application is deleted.
  • Fee: Your sponsor also has the option to pay your $35 application fee for you at this stage.

If you are applying without a sponsor, you can proceed right to payment.

6. Pay the Application Fee

$35 non-refundable application fee is required. 

Sponsor paying: No further action is required from you.

Sponsor not paying: After your sponsor confirms their sponsorship, you’ll get an email with a link to pay your fee.

Unsponsored Apprentice: You’ll receive an email with a link to pay your fee as soon as you complete your application. 


You have 45 days to make your payment, or your application will be deleted.

  • Pay online: Click the link in the email and pay the $35 non-refundable application fee online via a convenient, safe, secure, password-protected source using: 
    • VISA
    • Mastercard
    • AMEX
    • Visa Debit or
    • Debit Mastercard
  • Pay in person:  Visit an AIT Office to pay in person via any credit or debit card.

You will receive a confirmation receipt by email.

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