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Qualify based on Work Experience

Apply for the Trades Qualifier - Work Experience program to qualify for your Alberta Journeyperson Certificate if:

Visit the profile for your trade and see if you have enough experience to qualify.

  • Find the Trade Qualifier row under Program Information, and review the Work Experience requirements. 


To apply, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or Foreign National, 
  • have the minimum required work experience months and hours in the trade you are applying for (listed in Trade Profile),
  • have up-to-date contact information for employers who can verify your work experience, and 
  • have a current Alberta employer in your trade, or have been employed with an Alberta employer in your trade within a year of the application date.

How it Works

Detailed, step-by-step program information is available here. An overview is provided below. 

1. Demonstrate your experience.

Submit an online application with employer information so we can verify your work experience. 

You can begin performing restricted activities that require registration or certification in your trade after you have submitted the application, as long as your application is not rejected.

Once we have verified your experience, you will have 18 months to complete the competency and knowledge portions of the program. 

2. Demonstrate your competency.

Review the Trades Qualifier row of the profile for your trade to determine which of the following is required to demonstrate that you have the hands-on skills required in your trade:  

  • a practical exam, 
  • a trades competency verification (working with an Alberta journeyperson in the trade or a person who holds an Alberta-recognized credential to demonstrate your skills on the job), or 
  • an employer declaration letter from a current Alberta employer (confirming their satisfaction with your skills). 

3. Demonstrate your knowledge.

Pass a theory exam to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and understanding required for your trade.

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