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Out-of-Country Credentials

Individuals holding a recognized credential from outside of Canada are eligible to work in the full scope of the trade in Alberta based on their credential without registering with AIT or having writing an examination.

Refer to the Summary of Recognized Credentials or use the search tool here to determine if an out-of-country credential is recognized in Alberta. If you are unable to determine whether or not a credential is recognized, contact your local Apprenticeship and Industry Training office.

Programs for Individuals with Recognized Credentials

Professionals with a recognized credential may apply for the Trades Qualifier - Recognized Credential Program to obtain an Alberta qualification certificate and to obtain Red Seal endorsement if it wasn't obtained in the previous jurisdiction. However, this is not required to work in Alberta.

Non-Recognized Credentials

Individuals who hold a trade credential from outside of Canada that is not recognized by Alberta may wish to apply for the Trades Qualifier - Work Experience Program to have their skills, knowledge, and experience assessed against the standards for certification in an Alberta-designated trade.

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