Student Loans and Grants - for Apprentices

Apprentices can apply for student loans and grants from both the provincial and federal governments. 

Students in pre-employment programs can also apply for loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid. These students cannot receive funding from the Government of Canada.

Alberta Loans and Grants

Alberta Loans and Grants


To be eligible for loan and grant funding from the Government of Alberta as an apprentice, you must:

You must also meet the basic eligibility criteria for full-time or part-time Alberta post-secondary students. 

You are eligible to receive a lifetime loan maximum of $75,000 as a registered apprentice.

Apply for funding

Apprentices can apply for student loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid. Submit your application at least 2 months before your first day of classes. The latest you can apply is 30 days before the end of the classroom instruction period for which you are applying.

Learn more about how to apply for student aid.

Full-time Apprentice

Full-time apprentices can apply online for funding.  Ensure you select the following when completing your application:

  • Program: your apprenticeship
  • Program specialization: your specific trade

Part-time Apprentice

Part-time apprentices taking Weekly Apprenticeship Training (WATs) or Distance Delivery must complete and mail in a paper application form.

Special considerations

Switching trades does not affect your eligibility for funding as long as you remain an AIT-registered apprentice.

If you withdraw from your studies within the first 30 days of your classroom instruction period, you must pay back any grant money you received, along with your student loans after you are no longer a registered apprentice.

Interest and payments

As long as you are a registered apprentice your current and previous Alberta student loans remain interest-free for the duration of your apprenticeship, including classroom and on-the-job instruction. During this time you do not have to make payments on your loans, and they will not gain interest.

You have a 6-month interest-free grace period if you:

  • are no longer registered as an apprentice, or
  • are a non-progressing apprentice, or
  • have obtained your journeyperson certificate.

Following this grace period, your loan begins gaining interest and you must start repaying it.

You may continue making loan payments while you are an active apprentice through MyLoan.

Learn more about repaying student loans.


For more information, contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre.

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