MyTradesecrets (MTS) is a secure online service that provides Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) clients and stakeholders with access to view and update AIT program information at anytime - and anywhere - internet access is available.

  • Members of the public can apply online for AIT programs and services and participate on industry committees.
  • Clients have 24/7 access to submit applications and the ability to access and manage their AIT programs.
  • Employers can approve and pay for (if applicable) apprenticeship application fees online.
  • Applicants, registered apprentices and employers all must create a MyAlberta Digital ID Basic Account to access MTS.

New to MyTradesecrets

You can now take pictures of important documents and upload them directly through MyTradesecrets.

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Choose from one of the following online services:

Apply for AIT Programs and Services

This section is for clients applying for AIT programs and services for the first time and who do not have an existing AIT identifier.  This enables both the public and existing clients to apply for AIT programs and services online.

Access Your MyTradesecrets Account

This section is for clients who have been accepted into an AIT program, who have an AIT identifier, and would like to view or update their personal information, view their scheduled classes and exams, view their marks, pay their fees online or print their apprentice ID card.

MyAlberta Digital ID

This free account allows you to prove who you are online without paper documents or face-to-face visits. MyAlberta Digital ID gives you seamless access to a range of government sites and services, while keeping your information and privacy secure. Applicants, registered apprentices and employers must all create a MyAlberta Digital ID Basic Account for ongoing access to MyTradesecrets. 

Access Employer Services

Employer online services allows employers to view and update certain aspects of their information related to AIT programs.

Technical Support

Problem logging on? We can help.

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