Who is eligible to access MyTradesecrets?

MyTradesecrets provides online access to clients with approved, active files for the following application types: 

  • Alberta Apprentice Application and Contract
  • Interprovincial (Red Seal) Examination Application - Alberta Certified
  • Achievement in Business Competencies Program - Blue Seal Application
  • Application for a Training Program in a Designated Occupation
  • Occupational Certificate - Credentials Application
  • Occupational Certificate - Work Experience Application
  • Equivalency Application
  • Prior Learning Assessment Application
  • Qualification Certificate - Recognized Credential
  • Qualification Certificate - Work Experience Application

What will clients see and do on MyTradesecrets?

MyTradesecrets - Apprentice Profile allows 24 hour access where internet service is provided for clients to access and actively manage their program information. Clients are able to:

  • View and update apprenticeship and personal contact information
  • Check out application statuses
  • View class and exam schedules
  • View marks
  • Check record book updates (apprentices only)
  • Pay fees online.

How do clients access MyTradesecrets?

To access MTS clients must:

  • create:
  • provide:
    • their AIT ID number and EITHER 
    • a phone number or a postal code known to AIT, or
    • if they are from outside Canada, their country of residence.

What is an AIT Identifier (AIT ID)?

Clients can find their AIT ID (sometimes referred to as an "AIT Number" or "Apprenticeship ID") on their apprenticeship card, record book, or any correspondence received from Apprenticeship. If they just submitted an online application, the AIT ID will be in the confirmation email they receive.  Or, if applicable, it also appears on the Alberta Journeyman Certificate.

The AIT ID will usually be a 6 or 7 digit number and may be found in the following format: 123/123456.   The AIT ID is the number following the 'slash' i.e. 123456.

If clients cannot find their AIT ID on any of these documents, they must call AIT.  The toll-free number is 1-800-248-4823 or click for information on apprenticeship offices.

Can staff see client information displayed on MyTradesecrets screens?

Staff are able to access clients' MyTradesecrets screens using a link within ATOMS.  The link is located in the menu bar on the Application and Individual screens on the Personnal tab.  Once a client is in context on the ATOMS screen, staff need to click the MyTradesecrets link to open that client’s information on MyTradesecrets.  Staff have view-only access to all screens.

Who do you contact for MyTradesecrets issues?

MyTradesecrets support contact information can be found on the MyTradesecrets Technical Support page.

Who do you contact for MyAlberta Digital ID issues?

MyAlberta Digital ID support contact information can be found on the  MyTradesecrets Technical Support page.