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Check Your Tradesperson’s Certificate

This Government of Alberta service helps employers, contractors and homeowners verify whether an individual is an Alberta registered apprentice or has a certificate issued by Alberta.

What this service can tell you:

  • if the individual holds a journeyperson certificate and/or a Red Seal Endorsement issued in Alberta
  • the trade that the person is certified to work in
  • if the individual is a registered apprentice,
  • the trade and current period of training

If the individual was certified outside of Alberta, contact the issuing jurisdiction’s apprenticeship authority to check certification or apprenticeship status.

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Enter the certified or apprenticing individuals information below.

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Search Results

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Note: Search results may include multiple certificates for the same trade if an individual requested a replacement certificate, depending on when their original certificate was issued.  If the individual has a Red Seal, only the most recent certificate will reflect the Red Seal Status.

If no results are found, double check the spelling and AIT ID number. The certificate or AIT ID number can be found on the person’s trade certificate, wallet card, or on the apprentice’s ID card.

For best results, use one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.


This tool will only return results of Alberta certified individuals and active registered apprentices that exactly match the information provided in the required fields. Individuals whose certificates or contracts of apprenticeship have been cancelled or suspended will not be displayed. For further assistance, contact the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Information Line at 1-800-248-4823.

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