Sponsor Approving Apprenticeship Applications

MyTradesecrets (MTS) Sponsor access allows the sponsor's designated contact to provide information online. Sponsors also have the availability to pay for apprenticeship applications online.

Online Sponsor Consent For An Apprentice Application

When a person wishes to become an apprentice, their sponsor enters into an apprenticeship education agreement. To achieve this, a contact designated by the sponsor must go online, complete the application and consent to the supplied information. The following steps have been created to ensure security and privacy for sponsors and apprentices.

Step 1 – Sponsor Contact Email Address

The sponsor must give apprentices the email address of the designated contact. This contact has the authority to act on the sponsor's behalf to recommend credit for any of the apprentice's previous work experience and agree to enter into an apprenticeship education agreement.

Step 2 – Applicant Creates Online Application

When apprentices have completed their portion of the online application, the sponsor's designated contact receives an email with a link to that application.

Step 3 - Sponsor Access To Online Application

The email received by the sponsor's designated contact provides a link to access the apprenticeship contract online.

First time sponsor contacts must create an Alberta.ca Account, if one does not already exist. To create your Alberta.ca Account, you must accept the Terms and Conditions, create a user profile and an account. See also Frequently Asked Questions about accessing your MyTradesecrets account using an Alberta.ca Account.

An Alberta.ca Account is a unique and secure online identity to access government online programs and services, and it is free to create. Internet or data charges may apply depending on your internet service provider or data plan. An Alberta.ca Account is required to access MTS in the future. Only an Basic Alberta.ca Account is required to access MTS. You do not need to create a Verified Account. To learn about the difference between a Basic and Verified Account, review the Alberta.ca Account Common Questions.

Step 4 – Complete Sponsor Portion Of The Application

Lastly, the sponsor's designated contact completes and submits the online application.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, see the Sponsor Access Frequently Asked Questions