Access Your MyTradesecrets Account

MyTradesecrets (MTS) allows access where internet service is available to enable clients to review and actively manage their program and personal information, including:

  • viewing and updating apprenticeship and personal profile information, 
  • viewing class and exam schedules,
  • viewing marks,
  • submitting applications for AIT programs and services,
  • checking record book updates (apprentices only), and
  • paying fees online.

To access your MyTradesecrets Account

  • You must have a SIAMS account. 
    • SIAMS is the Secure Identity & Access Management System used for logging into MyTradesecrets. If you previously applied for an AIT program online, or if you applied through ApplyAlberta, you already have an SIAMS account. Use the same Username and Password to access MTS.
  • The first time you access MyTradesecrets, you need your AIT identifier.