Out-of-Province Mobility

If you are a registered apprentice, you may not need to repeat training if you move to another Canadian jurisdiction with the same or an equivalent trade. This may also apply to pre-apprenticeship programs and courses.

Go to another Canadian Jurisdiction from Alberta

Transfer to Another Canadian Jurisdiction Permanently

  • Ensure your Alberta apprenticeship information (on-the-job hours) is up-to-date.
  • The apprenticeship authority in the province/territory you transfer to will contact AIT to confirm your apprenticeship level, classroom instruction completed, and on-the-job hours recorded. 
    • Any credit that may be granted by the new jurisdiction will be up to that province/territory once they have confirmed your information with AIT.

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Work Outside of Alberta Temporarily

You may be eligible to work temporarily in another Canadian province/territory while continuing to be a registered Alberta apprentice, if your trade is designated in both Alberta and the other jurisdiction. You must do the following:

  1. When you've found an employer in the jurisdiction where you wish to work, submit an employer letter, on company letterhead, through your MyTradesecrets account, confirming:
    • trade you are employed in,
    • employer contact name and position,
    • employment start date, and
    • location where work is performed.
  2. After the employer letter is reviewed by AIT, a letter will be attached to your account with further instructions.
  3. When you wish to submit on-the-job hours with your out-of-province employer toward your Alberta apprenticeship, you must submit an employer letter, on company letterhead, confirming your on-the-job work experience.
    • Click here for a copy of the “Canadian Employer Submitting Work Experience for an Alberta Apprentice” letter template.

If your trade is not designated in Alberta and/or the other jurisdiction, any on-the-job work experience accumulated outside of Alberta must be recommended by your current Alberta employer. See the 'Recommend Time Credit' template for your Alberta employer to complete. 

The above information will be verified with your out-of-province employer. For more details, review the Official Policy with regard to Alberta apprentices working in another Canadian jurisdiction. 

Take Classroom Instruction Outside of Alberta

If you wish to take your classroom instruction outside of Alberta, please visit the Contact Us page and click on Apprentice Mobility.

Please include the following in your request:

  • your AIT ID number,
  • your date of birth,
  • the phone number the new jurisdiction may use to contact you,
  • the trade you are registered in as an Alberta apprentice,
  • the level of classroom instruction you wish to take outside of Alberta (Note: you must submit a new request for each level you would like to take),
  • the jurisdiction and city (if possible) where you would like to take your technical training,
  • when you hope to take your technical training, and
  • why you wish to take classroom instruction in that jurisdiction.

Come to Alberta from another Canadian Jurisdiction

Transfer to Alberta Permanently

If you are a registered apprentice in your home province/territory (in Canada) you can transfer your apprenticeship program to Alberta. This may include your:

Before you leave your home province/territory:

  • ensure all of your on-the-job hours and classroom instruction are reported to your apprenticeship authority, and
  • obtain an official copy of your apprenticeship progress (i.e. apprenticeship transcript) to bring with you to Alberta.
    • This document must be uploaded to your Alberta apprenticeship application.


AIT will verify the above information you provided with your home jurisdiction.

Some jurisdictions require your consent before they will confirm any personal information with AIT. Please check with your home jurisdiction about any additional consent document(s) that are required.


Temporarily Working or Attending Technical Training in Alberta

If you are registered apprentice in another Canadian province/territory, you may be eligible to work temporarily or take classroom instruction in Alberta while continuing to be a registered apprentice in your home jurisdiction. For more information, contact the apprenticeship authority in your home jurisdiction.

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