Replace a Certificate

Lost or damaged your Alberta Journeyperson Certificate or pocket card? Submit a Certificate/Document Replacement application to have them replaced.

Journeyperson Certificates 

  • Wall size certificate - $60.00
  • Wallet size certificate - $60.00
  • Both wall size and wallet size certificate or document - $60.00

 Achievement in Business Competencies Certificate

  • Wall size Certificate - $50.00

Occupation Certificates and Qualification Certificates

Occupation and qualification certificates are no longer issued or replaced. All individuals who previously held these certificates are now eligible for journeyperson certificates. This does not impact your authorization to work. 

As of July 20, 2022, Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act came into effect. Under the new act: 

  • all 'designated occupations' became designated trades
  • all individuals who meet the certification requirements for a designated trade became eligible for journeyperson certification. 

Previously, only individuals who completed an apprenticeship education program in Alberta were eligible for journeyperson certification. The Alberta Journeyperson Certificate served as both a license to work an an acknowledgement of completing an apprenticeship. The new act separates these components: 

  • The Journeyperson Certificate still serves as a license to work in the trade, but it is no longer tied to completing an apprenticeship.
    • If you meet the certification requirements for your trade, you are eligible.
    • You can demonstrate that you have met the requirements by completing an apprenticeship, completing a Trades Qualifier program, or holding an Occupational Certificate or Qualification Certificate. 
  • Education Credentials are now issued to acknowledge that someone has completed an apprenticeship education program.