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Virtual Learning Strategist

Virtual Learning Strategist Program

Get personalized learning support through the Virtual Learning Strategist (VLS) program!

Are you a registered apprentice that excels on the job but often struggles with exams or in formal classroom settings?  The free VLS pilot program can help!

The VLS program is a pilot project that provides upgrading and skills training opportunities on a flexible, accessible, personalized online platform.

How it Works

1. One-on-One Assessment: Each participant will work with a Learning Strategist, through online screening tools and one-on-one virtual meetings, to identify:

  • potential skills gaps,
  • learning disabilities,
  • learning styles,
  • exam anxiety,
  • deficits in study skills,
  • motivational factors,
  • sensory disabilities (i.e., hearing, vision loss), or
  • other factors that might affect performance in exams or classroom instruction.

2. Customized Plan: The Learning Strategist will develop a customized plan for the apprentice, which may include:

  • support services provided directly through VLS,
  • trade-specific tutoring and academic supports, and/or
  • referrals for other formal assessment and academic supports.


AIT is accepting 150 applicants to the pilot project of the Virtual Learning Strategist program.

To qualify for VLS, you must:

  • be a registered apprentice in Alberta,
  • be willing to meet with a Learning Strategist regularly, and
  • have reliable access to internet service.

How to apply

Contact an Institute Liaison through your local AIT Office to learn more about this free program.

VLS Partnership and Funding

The Government of Alberta is partnering with the Government of New Brunswick to provide this pilot program to a cohort of apprentices in the Alberta.

VLS began in 2012 as part of New Brunswick's apprenticeship model. Through a federal research grant, New Brunswick was tasked with providing services to apprentices across Canada via the VLS program. 

The success of the VLS over the past few years has led to it now becoming available to most provinces and territories in Canada.  

Download the VLS Fact Sheet

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