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Attendance in Classroom Instruction
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Apprentice Eligibility
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    Cancellation of Apprentice Registration
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Apprentice Mobility
    Alberta Apprentices Working in Another Jurisdiction
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Classroom Instruction
    Attendance in Classroom Instruction
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    Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Industry Pathways
    Establishing Apprenticeship Education Programs
    Establishing Industry Training Programs
Blue Seal Program

Attendance in Classroom Instruction

Apprentices missing more than 18 hours of classroom instruction may have their enrollment in classroom instruction terminated. For the purpose of this policy, each part of an hour missed from class will be recorded as one hour of missed time.


Exceptions will be considered only for exceptional circumstances such as incapacitating mental and/or physical illness or family issues. An exception will not be granted if it is determined that, due to extended absence, an apprentice will be unable to keep up with course work or will cause an undue disruption to other learners.

Monitoring and reporting

Post-secondary institution staff are required to monitor and record attendance on an hourly basis for each apprentice attending classroom instruction. The attendance record will form a part of each apprentice's student record and will be managed according to policies in effect with each post-secondary institution.

Post-secondary institutions will report to Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)  if an apprentice has been absent from classroom instruction at the following intervals:

  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 18 hours


If an apprentice has been absent for 12 hours, post-secondary institution staff will contact the apprentice to provide information and counselling on the consequences of continued absence from classroom instruction.

Upon receipt of a report from a post-secondary institution that an apprentice has been absent for 18 hours (but not exceeded 18 hours), AIT staff will contact the apprentice to provide counselling and discuss potential withdrawal or termination of enrollment in classroom instruction.

Removal from classroom instruction

Unless an exception has been granted, an apprentice who is absent more than 18 hours will have their enrollment in classroom instruction terminated. If an apprentice withdraws or is removed from a period of classroom instruction, they will be required to repeat the period of classroom instruction or successfully complete a Prior Learning Assessment for the period in order to progress in the apprenticeship education program.

The decision to refund any fees due for that period of classroom instruction is at the discretion of the post-secondary institution at which the apprentice was enrolled.

The apprentice’s removal from classroom instruction will be reported to Service Canada and may affect eligibility for Employment Insurance. 


An apprentice may appeal a decision to terminate enrollment in classroom instruction by submitting an appeal in writing by email or hand delivery to AIT within one business day of the date of termination.

On receipt of the appeal, AIT will provide a written response with the Registrar's decision to the apprentice within one business day. This decision is final.

During the appeal process, the apprentice is not permitted to attend the classroom instruction class from which their enrollment has been terminated

Appeal Addresses

Appeals should be directed to either the Director or Associate Director of Apprenticeship Delivery Services for the region where the provider of classroom instruction is located.

North Region:

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Director or Associate Regional Director, Apprenticeship Delivery Services – North
Suite 430, Feltham Building
11763 106 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2R1

South Region:

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Director or Associate Regional Director, Apprenticeship Delivery Services – South
Suite 200, Willow Park Centre
10325 Bonaventure Drive S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2J 7E4

Apprentices who wish to email their written appeal are encouraged to contact their local AIT office for the updated address.

For assistance, call 1 800 248 4823


Contact us with any questions