AIT Policy Manual

Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions
Table of Contents
Apprentice Eligibility
    Dual Apprenticeship
    Cancellation of Apprentice Registration
    Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program
    Registration in an Apprenticeship Education Program Without a Sponsor
Apprentice Mobility
    Alberta Apprentices Working in Another Jurisdiction
    Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions Working in Alberta
    Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions
    Access to Alberta Classroom Instruction for Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions
    Working in Alberta with an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
    Receiving Recognition for an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
Classroom Instruction
    Attendance in Classroom Instruction
    Determining Success in Classroom Instruction
    Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour
Sponsor Eligibility
    Obligations of a Sponsor
Compliance and Enforcement
    Site Visits and Inspections
    Consequences for Non-compliance
    Inspection and Suspension
    Publication of Convictions
    Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Industry Pathways
    Establishing Apprenticeship Education Programs
    Establishing Industry Training Programs
Blue Seal Program

Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions

Requests by individuals for administration of an examination in a jurisdiction other than Alberta may occur for many reasons. Some examples are:

  • an Alberta apprentice has relocated to another jurisdiction after an unsuccessful examination attempt;
  • an Alberta journeyperson who has relocated wants to take a Red Seal examination; or
  • an Alberta trades qualifier applicant who is not currently in Alberta.

Red Seal Exams

Jurisdictions may administer Red Seal examinations on behalf of Alberta by following Red Seal Program procedures.

  • Red Seal examinations are available to Canadian jurisdictions through a nationally-administered system, which minimizes security compromises.

Requests for Red Seal examination administration in another jurisdiction will be considered for: 

  • registered Alberta apprentices and
  • certified Alberta journeypersons.

Trades Qualifier applicants are not eligible to write a Red Seal examination in another jurisdiction. 

  • the competency verification portion of the assessment must be completed in Alberta.

Red Seal examination administration in another jurisdiction must follow Red Seal program procedures.

Other Alberta Exams

No other examinations are eligible for administration outside of Alberta. This includes:

  • apprenticeship entrance examinations,
  • apprenticeship period examinations, and
  • all trades qualifier program examinations (including trades that use the Red Seal examination).

Alberta-specific examinations experience a higher risk of compromise and are therefore not permitted to be administered in other jurisdictions.

Clients of Alberta’s apprenticeship and industry training system who require an examination that is unavailable for administration outside Alberta may schedule an examination sitting at any AIT location in Alberta.



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