AIT Policy Manual

Table of Contents
Apprentice Eligibility
    Dual Apprenticeship
    Cancellation of Apprentice Registration
    Re-enter an Apprenticeship Education Program
    Registration in an Apprenticeship Education Program Without a Sponsor
Apprentice Mobility
    Alberta Apprentices Working in Another Jurisdiction
    Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions Working in Alberta
    Examination Administration in Other Jurisdictions
    Access to Alberta Classroom Instruction for Apprentices from Other Jurisdictions
    Working in Alberta with an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
    Receiving Recognition for an Expired Out-of-Province Trade Credential
Classroom Instruction
    Attendance in Classroom Instruction
    Determining Success in Classroom Instruction
    Academic Conduct and Personal Behaviour
Sponsor Eligibility
    Obligations of a Sponsor
Compliance and Enforcement
    Site Visits and Inspections
    Consequences for Non-compliance
    Inspection and Suspension
    Publication of Convictions
    Limits on Rescheduling or Failing to Attend an Assessment
Industry Pathways
    Establishing Apprenticeship Education Programs
    Establishing Industry Training Programs
Blue Seal Program


Verbal Compliance Directive

If during a site visit, an officer discovers non-compliance that can be remedied immediately, the officer may issue a verbal compliance directive.

  • All verbal compliance directives will be documented by the officer and the officer will ensure that corrective action is taken.

 If, in the opinion of the officer, compliance has not been achieved by the end of the site visit, the officer will issue a written compliance order.

 Verbal directives to achieve compliance are not to be used:

  • in cases of severe non-compliance,
  • if there is a history of similar non-compliance, or
  • if the non-compliance issue appears to be systemic on the work site.

Compliance Order

When non-compliance is observed, and the breach falls outside of immediate verbal compliance, the officer may issue a written compliance order noting the contravention(s) and requiring compliance by a specific date.

An officer is authorized to issue a compliance order to any person who, in the opinion of the officer, is not complying with the  Act or its regulations.

  • The compliance order will direct that person to comply with the Act or the regulations within a specific time frame and in accordance with specific directions.
  • If that person refuses or fails to comply with the terms specified in the compliance order, the officer, under section 33 of the Act, may apply to the Court of Queen’s Bench for an order requiring the person to comply with the  Act.

In a significant case of non-compliance, an officer may forego a compliance order and apply directly to the Court of Queen’s Bench for an order to the person to comply with the Act.



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